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House Proud.

Many days I wander
among stuffed furnishings,
replete in my trendy pinny
stamped with  picture of old wine drinkers
staring out at death from a single bench
in some distant French village.
It’s the dust below their feet
that chokes this carpet,
hiding floral patterns
faint hint of chinoiserie.
Their wine stains spread like ink
on blotting paper,
disgusting tobacco spumes
rain onto the fire, sizzling coals in the grate.
Why do I clean up the lives of others?
Why am I not sat on a rough bench
staining my tongue deep purple
with rouge vin du table , waiting for the bell
to toll me in to a huge dinner
of simple peasant fayre?
So I can pretend, more or less,
I didn’t make this disgusting mess

9 Oct 06

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 — unknown

eh? See the loony Brit faction is at it again (not you larry) not surprised you quit the barmy brit club.
 — unknown

Dear Unknow

The utterly tediuos twaddle that fascinates and engages humans never ceases to amaze mere idiots like myself.

Larry what a bore Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Unknown

most people are harmless idiots. Some are fools who try to wrap themselves in cloaks of gold.

Larry hair shirt Lark
 — larrylark

I don't understand what mess you are talking about but your words are WOW! I love the individual imagery. You are really talented. I hve to give you a 9 simply for invoking such imagery. Think of what you could do if all the these images really connected in an entire train of thought. You are a WOW!
 — NeighborDi

Dear Neighbour Di

What can i say. Glad you enjoyed this one.

Larry needle and the damage done Lark
 — larrylark