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The Chinese Joke

Q: What manufacture America any more?
Today better than ever before?
A: Only complaints.
Of comfort fat
life on sofa.
Of politics of petroleum.
Of too much
poops or not enough of.
Never in middle.
Q: What is mean "Never in middle"?
A: Never go middle America
tourists. BIG SQUEEZE of fat.
Q&A: Ha hah! Ha hah!
pause for recovery of audience
Q: What is new slogan of America?
A: "Moo Moo"
Q: How feel?
A: Mean you what?
Q: "How Now Brown Cow"
Q&A: Ha hah! Ha Hah!
The Chinese joke
auto-translated from Mandarin

10 Oct 06

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Nice joke, not a good poem
 — Isabelle5

Dammit, Man!  I just can't seem to get "into" your mind when you write!  My fault, I presume.  
 — Isabelle5

netsky, 70% of your  writing is close to genius, 20% is ok, and the rest is why are you wasting time posting this
 — unknown

who knew auto-translations could be so... poetic.
 — aholm

I love how people change their opinions of poetry after they find out who wrote it. Isn't being a spineless sycophany awesome!?
 — unknown

so you put a joke
through babel fish?
 — unknown

I have changed my opinion on a poem when it's pointed out to me how i've missed the thrust of it entirely
 — unknown

wha's going on here? this poem had an obscene comment when i first read it, now that comment is gone, did you repost, or have the censors struck
 — unknown

Only a guy who fucks his dog could be this lame
deja vu
 — unknown

I reposted the poem to clear it of your spineless insults, unky.
The poem is -entirely original- and =is not= a bablefish translation.

That tagline -is part of the humor-.   Ambiguity is part of humor poetry,
just as assholes are part of PC.  

But thank you Isabelle.. I crank only on spinless jerks who flame poetry commentary
in order to get their jollies.   Bothers me not at all.  But I'll wipe this poem and post it anew again and again and the whole board should know: this is done because PC allows
gratuitous personal insults to be posted to members' poems.

It's not just me they "pick on"... they spoil the place for everyone.
This is why PC is NOT frequented by famed poets.  It's a worthless place, overall
BECAUSE of unky just above this comment of mine.   He's a sick puppy.

This poem gets reposted in a short while.
Thank you -decent members- for allowing me to clean the record.
 — netskyIam

That's just damned sad.  The moderators need to clean that line and delete that user who keeps doing this.  You should not have to delete and repost for that kind of thing.  Ask the mods on the thread board, Rafter might have a way to block this user from doing this again, Net.
 — Isabelle5

I don't ask them for help anymore.  I just can't.  Thanks though.   You're an anchor keeping this place bearable.   Thank you Isabelle,
 — netskyIam

ok do you speak mandarin?
If you don't then how did you know what you werew translating was a joke?
 — unknown

Reposting is a good idea, why not copy and paste the comments as well, keep the positive and negative comments, but delete the offensive crap. Hmm the only trouble with that is everyone will do it, and only keep the positive comments. Sighs I suppose we have a price to pay on unmoderated boards.
BTW i'm still trying to work this poem out,lol
 — unknown

Hi sweets:

"ok do you speak mandarin?"
no, of course not.

"If you don't then how did you know what you werew translating was a joke?"

It's all made up.  I imagine that China has comics and they do zinger jokes about America being fat and lazy.  In fact, after making another poem about China's energetic takeover of the consumable goods sector,  I learned of a funny, disturbing, comic Chinese documentary on this very issue:
"Ha Ha Ha, America".  
http://tinyurl.com/yl59cg< br /> I've yet to see it---am on dialup and can't get the video to load.

This poem is pure old sarcastic social comedy---like you'd get on a Chinese version
of the USA's "Saturday Night Live" weekly comedy show.  It's supposed to be corny.

"How now brown cow" is funny (to me) cos it half-sounds Chinese...plus, Chinese learn English.  It is highly probable they hear this phrase in their diction studies.
And it describes the fat and lazy aspect of the USA:  A cow for china to milk!  
How now?  Ha ha ha, America!
(we pause for 'recovery of audience'.  Thank you and please smile.  Truth is funnier  when you can't be sure that its not fiction.  I  think this poem's speech is all pretty true.   Cheerios,

— unknown

PS:  of course!  If it weren't weird it wouldn't be original or fun, nice poet.
Now lets all eat hamburgers with the cheese and the fried strips of pig on top enjoying our big fluffy buns.
 — netskyIam

I'm pleased to see that it was just a joke, you had me worried, gullibility is my strong point.
 — unknown

my poems throw off almost every reader.  you aren't "gullible".
I am obtuse.   And I can't spell "wierd" very well eiher, lol!
 — netskyIam

Aweful poem in my opinion
 — unknown

Sorry Netsky I couldn't resist!

Good poem.

Q: What copy Wei today?
Today better than tomorrow more?

A: Only complaints.
To comfort Fatt
Tag life.
Politics of petro-lum.
of too much (not new)
poops or not enough of (they’ve all flue).
Never in middle.

Q: What is mean "Never in middle"?

A: Never go middle Lon(it’s all been)done
tourists. BIG Ben – Big (has)Be(e)N.

Q&A: Ha hah! Ha hah!

pause for recover (e) of audience, death.

Q: What is new slogan of China?

A: "How High"

Q: How Hai?

A: Mean you what?

Q: "Is a china man"

Q&A: Ha hah! Ha Hah! – now now Brown cow.

The Chinese joke
auto-translated from Engrish

No offense!.
 — unknown

< — unknown
now there's a real compliment, a poem that inspires awe
 — unknown