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In The Car

Written after viewing In The Car, a painting by Roy Lichenstein.


Glanced at her face.
perfect profile maybe too perfect?
How did he feel, lay back,
hair flecked against his cheek,
being driven down bleak
desert highway to a place
with no name.
What a dame.
Speedo 190K,
she was insane, fast, loose,
life in cruise mode.
Knew it would go nowhere,
but did he care,
in his heart,
had to confess,
he did, but knew
she was messing,
tearing him apart.
Later, in limbo, he called the number,
wondered if he should take a gamble?
Same spot, same place,
hitch that lift to somewhere,
anywhere. Would she pitch up?
Meet full on his restless empty gaze.
Slap him hard across his face,
she don't like to be left waiting.

13 Oct 06

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"Ol' dumbass bitch (crazy bitch). Stupid ass bitch (crazy bitch). Just a bitch."
 — Notecompsure

Thanks for the link.  I will come back and re-read this after looking at the painting.
Art is often the PERFECT jumping off point for a GREAT poem.
 — aforbing

Now that I've seen the painting, I think you can do even better with this.  However, that being said, you really do stick to the emotion/color of the painting.  Nice job!
 — aforbing

Dear Notecompsure

I will treasure your comment foever

Larry the bitch Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Aforbing

One tries ones best and thats all one can do

Larry the best Lark
 — larrylark

Larry, can i come with you? ask her does she have a sister
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

She most surely does. Bound and gagged on the back seat wearing leather lingerie.

Larry  Dark Noire Lark
 — larrylark

omfg when i saw speedo 190k i thought it was a morbidly obese dude in a thong lmmfao
 — unknown