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Blue Dog bites

voids little
holes in the sidewalk--
i need to be there, curled up
drying out. i need to fit there,
sometimes dying
i am no more
justified in living
than i have ever
been in the cold coughing atmos-
phere where the grey is
expanding the wind is a wall
the horizon is dead. it is becoming
increasingly cold with each
passing day. blue dogs barking
on chains, passing through
life sucked dry to the bone
with sad frowning faces and
creaking knees.
one bit me.
i start decaying.
there comes a warm human
on legs following
in traffic with more
of the same kind,
bellowing their lungs for
some unseen want.  they have
smiling faces.
they pass, they pass.
my eyes are bulging.
dogs are barking.
i think of you, your chest.
and rising to subtract
old air . i wonder who
you've been without me.
i want to watch you alive
and moving, existing unconscious,
you are always sleeping.
i am thankful
for that tree over there
and this hole in the sidewalk.

19 Oct 06

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