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He's the guy who wears makeup, right?

All I can see is your
half-hidden by prison bars;
tongue flapping out
secret patterns.
How is the delusion
of delusions,

24 Oct 06

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I really like lines 5 to 9, the rest is not very good, especially lines one to four, not what you are saying, but the way you wrote it.
 — icepineapple

This is pretty good. Should be worked upon though. If this were a sandwich, it'd only be spicy mustard. I want meat, break, pickles and the like on my sandwich. 6/10
 — Henry

  Bread I mean.
 — Henry

D'you think? I'm fairly partial to the first 4 lines. 'Cause, I mean, without the way I wrote it, it really just comes down to "Number nine- kill 'em, kill 'em."
I guess that's the point.
I dunno. Sometimes we just don't catch Beatles references. But I've made it so obvious.
To be honest, I could cut out lines 5-9 without feeling any great loss. I dunno. MEAT BREAD TOMATOES PICKLES!

I don't know.
I don't know what to do with it.

secret pat


wegotcaught, abroad, agog, a gauge we werein prison we wereblackbirds and we were so

sighhhhhhhh. XD

 — Pillbox

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