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Empty on Empathy,

I met a fellow just today
who looks to be a poem-prospect!
"Jimmy Stufu" from Tobago,
where he used to live until
they "let him go" (deported Jim)
for chronic-form misapprehensions.
He said to me, or meant to say,
"Pardon me, I'd like to date
your sister. Such a gorgeous chick."
Jimmy Stufu: suffering
from an odd, a very odd,
verbal pattern--sort of a
stammer possibly Tourettes';
or, perhaps something rather rarer.
Every day in every speech,
Jim adds unneeded syllables
to words he speaks, like  "sister".
He said to me, in earnest, he,
"Pardon me, I'd like to date
your sisterblister.
Such a gorgeous chicken."
Impediments gimp more than verbals;
if your name is Jimmy Stufu
bumps, abrasions, black eyes are
side effects of your condition-

24 Oct 06

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Cool poem , I liken to last stanza very muchly
 — unknown