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When we write we think to mind
ourselves into the future
I know I Am
a speck of dust with a provenance
limited in relevance
to this too-short time alive
We relate to future specks
to mind them while we may:
we were quite alive to  All
while we were alive
Nothing then is given  If
we fail to live lives full-alive
You may presume to write yourself
I am still all if this is all forever that I am

25 Oct 06

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The best of the cut-throats!
 — unknown

Great poem. It has inspired me to write a poem of my own. I shall post it in the forums when i have a chance.
 — Borat

Netsky at his very best, we are all poets in the wider meaning of the word, you are a poet in the very narrow definiton, one of only a handful of poets on this site worth reading. The closure is perfect. Not so sure about the title though.
 — unknown

30 minutes in this place before I could find something worth reading, why don't you place this poem on a proper critical forum?
 — unknown

thank you--gosh, only pure souls will like this "instructional" thing.
the reason for the awful title:  If I place it at a 'real' critical board,
it will be panned for being "didactic".  

Didactic poems are terribly out of style today.
For one thing, they tend to be pretentious, in -telling- the reader how to feel.
Here, I try to just lay out the facts: our general rationale for writing is clearly enough,
to make marks.  Just as the pre-written word cave people put pictographic stories on cave walls in France; we mark things to be heard beyond our mortal years, and thereby become immortal, in an (unsatisfactory to me) sense.  
But what else can you do?
It beats watching TV, eh? Thank you all--you humble me.  I am nothing much and I mean that.  I find myself in an evaporative state--and know it won't be all that long before I become irrelevant, entirely. Not ill, just middle aged and seeing the end stage coming.  But I don't mind this.  I know where I've been and have had a good ride....or two!  God, how I joke.
 — netskyIam

Title changed from"didact" to "instructional" (for writers). End marks removed, and "for ever" reconjoined.
 — netskyIam

We get 3 score and 10 if luck is with us Mr R, but eventually we all go out of style, good poetry never will. Now stop whinging and go and write some more
 — unknown

A beautiful poem.  So profound and yet so simple.  I think each and every one of us, whether middle-aged or not-there-yet struggles with our eventual (if not immediate) irrelevance. Dust to dust, n'est-ce pas? It makes me wonder why I bother going to work.  If I'm asked to explain my absence, I'll refer them to your poem.  That will make them think :-)  Maybe I'll get a raise :-) I think its more likely that I'll get fired. But then I won't have to go to work.  Hmmm....

Thanks netskyIam for this meaningful reflection.
 — Patrick