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Demon Angel

Billy was a demon
so Auntie Margie said,
and Aunty Marge was always right,
being half way off her head.
Billy was an angel,
his mummy loved him so.
He had long silky lashes,
skin white as midnight snow.
Billy burned his daddy's pub
while daddy was inside.
"I couldn't stand his beery ways,
he should have sipped fine wine."
Mummy dressed up Billy
and put him in a show.
He played with Margot Fontaine,
while dancing on her toes.
He sang just like an angel,
achieve the heights of fame,
but when they came for income tax,
he blew them all away.
His trial was an injustice,
he was hanged in Drury Lane.
He died like all true artistes,
a bitch in constant pain.

26 Oct 06

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" in line 12 and line 18 heights
 — trochee

Thanks for L18 Trochee but where in L12? You need to be more specific.

Larry spell check Lark
 — larrylark

Thankee trochee - spotted it - speechmarks - tavery much,

larry speechless lark.
 — larrylark

It reminded me of Oscar Wilde - the ballad(ish) rhythm really plays up to the subject matter. One of your best larry.
 — unknown

u rock.really. i love your poems.
 — unknown

Dear Unknown,

I forgot i wrote this but as i was idly searching my funny box this morning......

Larry hidden depths Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Miss Minx,

How can i rock at my time of life? Why i do declare it takes me an hour to roll out of bed in the morning. Thanks for you comment which i will treasure always.

Larry OAP Lark
 — larrylark

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