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Night Out

An Antiseptic stench accompanied
rusting dented notice.
“These toilets are regularly inspected
Etcetera, etcetera…….”
Something hung in the air,
A threat?
Don’t linger long.
On wall, message scrawled
Next to lock, like a wistful tune
or song
“Meet me outside for cock, six o’clock.”
Surveyed watch, almost that.
Adjusted hat, shuffled feet,
Swift stroke of handle,
Detritus of another dull day
swirled into subterranean world.
Went out,
Place deserted, left and right.
Give it five minutes,
No one. Wander away?
The park?  Local for a pint?
Pick up girl or guy?
Bright light city beckoned,
No where wanted to go.
Sighed. Avenues sealed
cul- de- sac,
dragged himself home,
bedsit, cocoa, early night,
BBC Radio 4?
But try the dress on
just once more
run fingers through.
Brand new, silk,
brought at clothing store
this morning.
Christ there must be
hundreds of guys like me
I want to touch want to grow,
want my insides to flow,
before my mid life crisis goes
up in smoke. I want a bloke with
huge dimensions and a hairy chest.
He turned slowly round,
went through the door,
back down into town,
wobbling on his stilettos,
pretending to be Marilyn Monroe
walking under moonlight,
dressed in a ball gown.

3 Nov 06

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The choppy pace picks up the further along you read if you can get past the first 15 lines. It was quite enjoyable toward the end.
 — unknown

I think you are right. Now i have had it pointed out to me i think the first stanza could be discarded in its ehtirety.

Larry severe edit Lark
 — larrylark