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Electric Bike Vid Review

I like the English for their near in-
fallible decorum
and national wit perhaps
owed to a long tradition of
thumbing noses at upper claWses (sic).
America's more democratic,
thanks to our castes of classlessness.
The USA, a melting pot. Witness Watts
in Los Angeles, and Liberty
City in Miami.
(Google if you're unfamilar. You'll run faster if disarmed.)
Compare our people's lot against
England's. England's not a melting pot.
A lobster pot. Example:
replay the scene in Knoxie's viddy
where the two electric cycle lads
have just run in-
to a vicious high school
groundskeeper: pathetic
in his sideways scrimmage,
a crab in parody of lords,
I daresay
"Go on. Be off with you both." Now,
that oval teens' track preener--p'r'aps
his name is Reggie Withers
Chumphrey Hurlbutt the
Oh the English and their airs...in America
he'd have a grounded name, like
Lacrimose Jones
or Weevil Waxer
or Biff Raff or
Cornhole Flaxer. Realistic, salted
American names. Shemp Geeker.
If Jewish and hanging
on Florida's panhandle: Goldfish Cracker.
Lower claws UK couples
dersirous to deliver hapless progeny
from the fate of caught crustacea,
tend to name their sons, Carlton
Nosehair Twiddleigh II,
to no avail.
Carlton grows up to, not in-
to, the gentry. He gravitates
a vicious groundskeeper.
Paul Knox distilled his distaste:
"So call the police then. See if I give a s---.
Oh yes, I'm sure they'll rush here straight away, right."
bugger off
Thank you
for honoring the English.
We owe the English pipple
fur r vary tong.
Were it not for their language,
I would have no way
to say nearly nothing.
Knoxie's video documentary

3 Nov 06

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Paul Knox of Banbury, UK, a
good fellow inventing electric bicycles,
has a video to show you
 — netskyIam

Great writing says this  classless citizen of the world surrounded by working class oiks who want to live like the brainless artisticracy who think they own Britain ,but they can never own the secret places where many people carve out bizzare and eccentric existences ,like inside my Grandma's exploding shed for instance.

Larry true brit of the world Lark

PS I thought your poem fantastically good and i don't often say that for as you know we brits rarely break into spontaneous eulogising
 — larrylark

Thank you Larry. Wow, only the English can spot a good joke.
I just had a cuppa Ovaltine and made a reading. Pardon my phegm.
http://tinyurl.com/yc3xn9< br /> Thank you Larry!  You are so kind!

 — netskyIam