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dr. ramnarind

there is nothing to help me in my pocket
and there seems to be nothing in my past
although an east indian doctor in trinidad
to me deduced my fear
he put electrodes on my fingers
reminded me not to cross my legs
and promised to identify when
he analyzed my thirties
he probed my twenties
with his diodes
diagnoses through frequency
he looked into my teens and beyond
and saw nothing and acted surprised
my fear was so much deeper
my fear was so much older
than me and he was shocked
he could not prove his diagnosis
though he knew it to be true
i could have told him
there is nothing to help me in my pocket

9 Nov 06

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very nice poem.
 — unknown

i did have to pay him some pennies though.
 — hank

so, there was something to help him, in your pocket.

though, the name might have been ramnarain. ramnarain is a combination of two names, ram and narain, both gods in indian myth.
east indians in trinidad have changed their names, in strange ways, i noticed.

 — varun

also, i have an idea. can you please get in touch with me over email?

 — unknown