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No words in the English language
rhyme with 'poem' or 'poetry'.
Do you think they did that

24 Nov 06

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There is Jeroboam / Poem according to The Rhyming Dictionary, and there are plenty of near rhymes for poetry. Who is they?
 — unknown

Do you think it was deliberate?
 — unknown

Don't take this too literally, unknown. It's just a fun poem! 'They' is that unknown group of poeple who get the blame for everything ... :-)
 — JustineCH

how can anyone take this seriously when the title and last line end with a near-rhyme of poetry :P
 — unknown

Ooh, how clever!
 — unknown

only one word in the English language has a double UU in it. Vacuum. Do you think they did that deliberately?

See I can do it too!
I'm as vacuous as you!

Except I can also write rhymed couplets.
 — unknown

Jeroboam was a king of Isreal
His name rhymes with poem.
 — unknown

Well a nice thought but the title doesnt make sense.
 — trochee

heyyyyyy.. Justine i didnt realize it was u.
 — trochee