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some you were made to meet be
calm they can change them
selves you are to but not meant
to change them you will and force and
this what is wanted by you and others
this they do not and want not not
because they are dumb but afraid
no more scared than you
just stuck
have both feet
different zodiacs
(and this has nothing to do with you)

27 Nov 06

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ooh cool
 — unknown

this is the most challenging poeme ever i ever rote
 — hank

Question:  What were you smoking when you wrote this incomprehensible blunder?
 — starr

Wait a second...I didn't wanna come off sounding rude, cuz I'm not a rude person.  I just wondered why this makes absolutely no English sense.  The whole syntax of it is just messed up.  I didn't mean to offend you.  I'm so not like that, but reading it left me feeling really frustrated.  Thanks.
 — starr

 — trochee

i read it with my own breaks. sorry it's frustrating. l
 — hank

cusps, indecisions, confusions?
i might give you also the benefit of 'lacking in knowledge'.
loved as usual mate.
 — varun

read it star. it all makes very good sense.
 — varun