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outside us

i know that the prerequisite for life
is not life like you know
and you can not comprehend
or in your own words
put your mind around it
you do not have to
understand nor can you
if small is too small
if big is too big no matter
imagination lives as well better
than you or i

29 Nov 06

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there is no imagination not you
the heads cursing their
bodies in the street and when
was the last time they
saw a kingfisher with old
mans legs and green
sequined tights

my point exactly
it pains me

i ate your poem
i hope you forgive me

 — unknown

Except for lack of punctuation in helpful spots, this is a decent poem.  I think you have taken a hard topic and ground it down to useful size.  Nice attempt.
 — Isabelle5

Dude , this suxs , like big time for real .
" Whats Imagination "
 — unknown

and i burped a good one.

mr gonk ...
 — bettalpha