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Instructive for Baptist children ages 3 to 9

The picture link at the first commentary spot
is to be printed out in advance
and thrust into the child's paw
at the finish of the poem reading.

"Brownie Mousie"
Brownie Mousie
kept its housie
at the Catlick Bakery,
where it lived
beneath a sink,
squeaking by on Catlick crumbs,
and, we think,
on floor sweepings--
dirt they bake in Catlick bread.
Such bad food poor Mousie had.
One dark day
the Catlick Cat
discovered where Brown Mousie's at!
He knew
because he'd found its hat
hanging on a Catlick nail
those Catlicks stick to snag,
and impale.
"Mew 'hail Mary!',
Meow aloud!"
demanded the cruel Catlick Cat.
"Or I'll eat you instantly."
And that demand
was that.
Brownie Mousie
could not mew--
our Baptist mouse
--it had no pew
or church to pray
itself from prey
of Catlicks
on that awful day.
So Brownie Mousie quickly ran!
It found safety inside a pan.
The small wonder of our story is,
those Catlicks never miss a beat.
They ne-ver waste what they--
little children, here's a treat!
sold us by their pope to eat
now show the picture to the child

12 Dec 06

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PRINT and shove into the child's paw:
http://tinyurl.com/yn2oqc< br />
AUTHOR reads the poem for your dear child
 — netskyIam

omgosh. that is really cool picture to go along with that. i like how you just stick that at the end like "BAM". very cool

lines 28-33 are written well. it flows well.
 — popyelle

mmm that does look tasty, personally i prefer a nice rat pie with all the trimmings, and i don't give a rats arse what anyone thinks
cool poem
 — unknown

Nice Verse Netsky.
We all know the evils of a Cat-Lik-Cat. ;-)

 — unknown