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Reflections Of A Serial Killer

In and around Ipswich England during the last few weeks a serial killer has murdered five street walkers, all left naked in streams and open countryside.

Here is the cross that burns in my eyes.
Lips murmur prayers, as I hear your strangled cry.
God will forgive, it's something that he does.
Takes away your sorrow, bless and make you good.
Just like Ophelia floating in a stream.
Naked and purified from all that’s unclean.
God save all sinners, take them up to heaven,
that’s ten that I’ve saved, here comes the eleventh.

13 Dec 06

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Similar to the murders in Atlantic City. 4 women killed there. Left in a stream. No shoes, and heads pointing East toward Britain.

I wonder if, after his last here, he hopped a plane for there.
 — unknown

Hi Unknown,

Could be. Who Knows? The police have an open book on it and nothing is beyond the bounds of possibility. What is bothering everyone is the rapidity whith which each has followed on from the last which many experts think is an unusual pattern.

Thanks for reading

 — larrylark

You've done it again, Larry! Wonderful and powerful little piece. L3 brilliant (make it 'it's :-)). Let's hope The Christmas Killer gets intercepted by Papa Noel!
 — Seahorse

Hi Seahorse,

Thanks for the spot but this was not a very pleasant poem to write. Glad you liked it.

 — larrylark