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The revolution

light's alright in the morning for
a good solid finish as i kick up out of sleep it says to me
i say someday i will not have ever conquered
Sad thoughts I will never have
held an innocent extension of myself & I will have
never Felt sorry for it andand I will never have left Love and its pretty little boys
myself feeling satified so sigh
right here I pull down my spine to pull up my socks in the midmorning
Where I disassemble, really, wherein I
Find a quiet practice to keep living for ,
recollecting bits of a false life found in sleep
and keeping
all of my little pink babies crying out in deep Hell
for deliverance
I stare at the
catfood blooming in the water.

13 Dec 06

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consider deleting all but the last two lines.
its constructed badly and comes off jumpy and confusing.

there are some interesting ideas present though.
and whats with the title?
 — DeformedLion