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impatient immortality

some times
yesterday still
then is dead
gone by when
rarely was
once and never shall shortly
be but wait
soon as now is over
after is next
ever before later now
always soon
in a trice
twice becomes thrice becomes
last will be seldom
yet nonce creeps
to last
often is now

21 Dec 06

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kill the article in line 15 for rhythm and need.

Decent work, with near inversions a double/triple speak, forward and backward.
 — DianaTrees

Last night my son asked me a question that I almost could've answered if I'd already read this poem.

I usually don't like this style--no punctuation--but I do like this one.
 — unknown

Chuckles!  So nice to see tis you.
 — unknown

removed "the" L15

we'll see how it seems...

thx dt
 — chuckles

This reads just like my brain. I enjoyed it.
 — SarahMichele

line 14 is wonderfull, its got a beat.
 — SenorSin

hahaha this is clever.
great ending.
*shuts his mouth and clicks on "add this poem to your favorites"*
 — trochee