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The Preacher on Drugs

Wrong turns
are sure to lead the lost
from Heaven's Gate to Burning Cross
to Homo Hills
then Druggers' Dens
where they do crack
and smoke within.

28 Dec 06

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this is good copy for a kind of propaganda, and i'm glad to read it here.

i worry that, in writing like this, that we don't bend over too far to show our opinion on the issue. it should be enough to just say preacher on drug and have that flash as something void. but, we have to do, as you're doing here, i think, do the "wrong turns".  of course it was the wrong turn, but maybe getting born was the wrong turn for the preacher and this is heaven... i mean, maybe for him it's really heaven? why not, and just because it's not mine doesn't mean i'm not looking for heaven too. now, this is theological, and i have to ask if it's a real preacher or someone called "the preacher". if real, then theologically the problem is to convince someone that there's only one kind of heaven... the kids will see this, because of sunday school, but the notion is suddenly there that skummed out old bum's in heaven. how do you show that's not the case, because it's obvious that the shit down the pants crackman is into it so's he won't care what miss post thinks.

your verse is well done.
 — mikebauer