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Vinnie's Critics (revised)

Vinnie wrote this tasteless poem
Assalad without greens
Apotato with outeyes
Steak without theme at
Vinnie's meal gains poor reviews
From whom ? The diner knows
Theanus of the matter is
It's not his tract that blows

2 Jan 07

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 — netskyIam

No, sorry, I don't know who that character would be.
As I say, I don't play the multiple-account game here.
I've posted only as netskyIam for over two years.
My name is Reid Welch.  You can google that and see
I am no phoney or looney.  Thanks for easing off.
 — netskyIam

you seem to have an ass fetish...hmm
so do I
 — ellis

 — unknown