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for you and soren (a 'not so glowing' report)

what they search for has found them
what they look for is seeing them
what they hope for is eluding them
what they care for is controlling them
what we search for is controlling us
what we look for has found us
what we hope for is seeing us
what we care for is eluding us

14 Jan 07

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this is pretty interesting, but I think it would benefit from some trimming. the repetition got stale to me by the end. consider condensing it. pretty good.
 — snow

i don't think i could condense this any more than i have. there are very few words here.
in fact there are only- 13 different words. give or take.
it's very condensed.
 — hank

i see, i hear, i speak
i see for the dumb
i hear for the blind
i speak for the deaf

the world is the world
- blind, deaf, dumb -
i am where i dwell
no longer trembling

nice poem hank
 — unknown