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for family an' blake through neil (white contraction)

this painting in the stable i'm doing i enjoy
it makes the place look clean and happy
the mouse ain't happy though
he had to spring clean early
i'm probably anal about the spiders though
it's emulsion stuff that the english use
now i get those west indian painted rocks
it's thick and covers well even in cold which it ain't
right now no snow but even so you put a warm arm in it
more like a therapy paste than a paint
it's all 'bout the patient application i learned
and while i'm down there doin' it
i'm listening to a little coincidence
and every time i'm hearing it i'm thinkin'
blake would have stick'd me for not makin' note
for not writin' down the occurrence of her
an' on my shell sh'cops a welc'med ride
"look out mama there's a white boat comin' up the river"

for Barbara Ethel Bialowas. 1915-2006.

14 Jan 07

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I hope Barbara Ethel Bialowas liked it...if she got to read it before she passed on. Um...the first stanza was nice and a lot like a narration, but it went downhill as it went on. The first stanza was well worth reading though...I applaud you for that Hank. 7/10
 — Henry