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A Haiku authored by a man by the trees

Haikus are easy,
But sometimes they don't make sense:

15 Jan 07

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 — varun

What a hoot.  Great short read.  Reminds me of those weird jokes going round in the 80's, like: What's blue and white, sits in a tree, and could kill you?  A refrigerator with a denim jacket on.
 — CervusWright

hehe great take on haiku

though the abstraction of the haiku is like listening to someone describing a particular sunset - colours shapes tones pace etc

you really dont get it unless you are there

be zen ;)
 — Mongrol

 — unknown

YES!!! Someone please excommunicate me from the Church of Poetry!  Who's the pope to this most sacred institution?  Walt Whitman?  Sylvia Plath?  Emily Dickinson?  I spit on your poetry, unknown, due to the simple fact that poetry is not held by "standards," and you don't realize this.  

Also, I would just like to go on a tangent on how many poets have committed suicide.  I have already mentioned one, Sylvia Plath, who had to try several times before she could find a suitable killing device.  How you don't die when sticking your head into an oven is beyond me... But anyways, let's all have a fun tribute to poets who killed themselves!  w00t!!!!
 — ApGwLnOsA

 — JustineCH

i love this so much
 — unknown

not exactly the world's greatest haiku...tee he he...


oh, so worth reading. If I'd been drinking anything I pro'ly would have snorted it out my nose.
 — gem_grrrl

im not under-standing this, can u tell me what it meens?

singing queen
 — sing



I like this koan. Kill Buddha.
 — banditfemme

classic! this is just brilliant. thanks for the laugh.
 — Esoteric