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Shop Day

Dear Sir, sorry to post,
a scrap of paper is all I could find,
but could you please try to release some monies owed,
for a bathroom window puttied in, and leaky tap sorted.
You see I've been caught short on shop day
and the wife expects ham soup with peas.
So please, I need only half the cash;
release the rest when you can best afford.
I write this cordially and without intention
of leaving you without, a feeling I well know
of no brass in pocket, yet my docket clearly shows
a price reasonable for steady wage at going rate.
My fate is in your hands, I do so hate a final demand
and know that life’s not all beer and skittles so take pity
if you can, a brown envelope with a five pound note
would give me hope of an improved tomorrow, not needing
to borrow while sleeping sound after hot soup all round
and a weekend passed in style, with a bright shiny sixpence
for each and every child. Signed Mr. Gardner (Tradesman)
on behalf of my good wife Sadie and her sixteen children.
PS I will always regard you as an impeccable chap,
in anticipation of something falling in my lap.

17 Jan 07

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This sounds like a Larry Lark poem.  It's got that British accent and a slightly breezy, creative flow.  Even if it's not Larry, it's got all that.  Just curious about brass in pockets.  I am only familiar with pennies as brass, not very much spending power in those unless you have enough to split your pocket!
 — Isabelle5

HAHAHA!  I knew it was you!
 — Isabelle5

Hi Isabelle

Brass in pocket is money to spend on frivolities like drink drugs and filthy women

Larry savings book Lark
 — larrylark

i like to drop an occasional comment on an awesome poet, if i may say so myself. and sadly i said this before i even read it, because a small little piece of me split into another smaller piece and split again only to be amplified magnified beyond infinity if that is even possible, told me this would be good. and of course i was proven right.  very nice.
 — listen

sorry but i am embarrassed by that occasional-comment-comment, because i read many of your poems and not nearly enough, without responding to them. please know you have always been entertaining (not like a parasitic relationship, where i read just to scoff at you which i never do), and i see no reason for that to falter. i suppose this is a good luck kind of thing. keep writing, and cheers to your other poems i will read, even if it is ancient. especially if it is ancient. i think poems that last a while and deserve to last forever have been given enough time to set in their goodness i've said too much.

the bottom line is i like what you have to say.
 — listen

Dear Isabelle

I am intrigued th know why you could not know right away that i had written this poem when my name is so clearly at the top.

Larry intrigued lark
 — larrylark

Hi listen

Thanks for the fascinating message. I am very pleased you like what you have read of mine.

Larry poetry in motion Lark
 — larrylark