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God's Inflicted Pain is a Blessing!

When one's febrile with a fever
should he mope? Why, never!
For a fever is God's favour,
instilling fervor for the Saviour;
like the wall outside the nut;
like the ram's relentless rut;
like the Ban and like the daid,
pain reminds of what we're made.

26 Jan 07

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this is really good. It makes you realize things you wouldn't ever think of. great job
 — shortee

I'm worried Netters, don't you go and start getting all spiritual on me, unless of course you have some kind of numinous experience. :)
 — unknown

Worry not for Netters--it's just another screwball poem, pitched semi-straight faced.
The critic knows one of us is in poetic trouble as soon as s/he gets to the L2 conundrum:
'shall it be rhymed neever to fever, or fevver to never? And so it goes downhill from there, even though I only installed one major pun by splitting a Bandaid for triplex meaning.  


 — netskyIam

 — unknown