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Not Me.

"Didn't do it, I swear.
Was in the bushes over there.
Heard her dress tear, all too quick,
in a rush, thought at first,
"What's he doing?Not even screwing her."
She never screamed. Ghastly glassy stare,
felt like i was dreaming.
Next thing he's flying down the path.
Think he was laughing or maybe crying.
Her, open mouthed, fixed manic silent shout
embedded on her lips. Felt sick,
but touched her,rearranged underwear,
not right her looking like a piece of meat.
Thats what left the DNA trace,
keep seeing her face,but no way was it me,
you've got to believe, even though i was there.

30 Jan 07

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mr. larry, i like your new poem. the . in the title works so well with it, i think. humor all over it and works.
 — listen

just kidding humor isn't there. i need to read this more than twice.
 — listen

i think for some reason i found humor in it because some of your poems are really funny, and i saw keywords like laughter and underwear and misconstrued this. i'm surprised at the subtle seriousness in here, if i'm right. but i like it no matter what the reaction.
 — listen

Now listen here Listen, every man has his serious side and i am no different to any other. Its real cold here today and chatting with you is just the antedote i need to the cold weather and the interminable length of January. I've been doing some fill in work at my sons School which has ruined my creativity leaving me exhausted but flush with cash but the lady is coming back after a protracted illness and i will have most of my weeks free once more. I always write poems like this one in January, I guess it kinda reflects my state of mind but i feel the humor juices starting to flow again so keep a look out. Lovely to hear from you

Larry head block Lark
 — unknown

likewise. it's way too cold over here but i see some warmth in your support of my support. i wanted to say, i think it's good you have so much diversity, each one of your poems is different, aside from humor you are also good at symbolism, like that in Magic Box. all of your poems are different, they definately have that polish, but clearly you are diverse enough in topic and writing, which is always a plus. and by the way, the quality is always there. even if i can't tell it's you i can recognize the quality.

it never hurts to revert to your previous works to see if you can go a different way, perhaps  backwards from your very first poem, if i've explained that enough ... i just mean, instead of going forward you could go beyond backward, expanding behind the first. (but you said your humor juices are coming so i guess i'm just suggesting an idea.) just remember, anything you write is interesting, regardless the intention.
 — listen

They say we write from experience. Tell me it ain't so, Larry. I'll believe you. Hmmm
 — unknown

Good poem...I think it's sad yet it's your poem and it was "not you."
 — vida

Dear Unknown

I have so little experience of life being sheltered by my mummy who dressed me in satin dresses till i was nineteen when the Social Services broke into our house and took me away to be re-educated, yet i have these burningly vivid dream like visions which drove my psychiatrist to a breakdown.

Larry totally sane Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Vida,

I have seen some strange things in parks but never this
 — larrylark