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Cafe Au Bord De La Seine

3.40 A.M.
Floor of a closing bar
littered with forget-me-knots,
torn envelopes,a facade of
discarded numbers,
de la femme starred,
and a shopping list,
"Arpege parfum
Foi gras
Pate du Canard
Champagne Brut
Two glass flutes"
An art deco table
balances a half filled
Bottle of vin rouge.
Lip stick stained glass
beckons the dancing lights
of La Rue Montparnasse.
Lovers locked in embrace.
Watching waiter leans on his broom,
sweeps aside intervening years,
returns to the day Francoise
slipped out to the Tabac
Whistling Je T'aime.....
.....Moi non plus.
her shopping left on a chair
"Arpege parfum
Foi gras
Pate du Canard
Champagne brut
two glass flutes.
The couple leave
wind blows the shopping list
down to the Seine.

3 Feb 07

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This is well written and conjures up a really vivd sensory picture. I like the way there are at least 2 story threads going on without overtly telling either of them.
 — unknown

Hi Unknown

I love to put disparate threads of randomly connected lives together to make a story and i love the sound of France. There is nothing i ever experienced finer than being in a Paris bar at 4AM with life surging all around.

Larry purple tongue Lark
 — larrylark

larry, je pense que c'est Jane birkin who sang the song and not françoise hardy... elle a chanté cela avec son mari et amoureux serge gainsbourgh....

see you... i like stanza 3...
 — greenmantle

Dear greenmantle

You are a constant source of useful information.

 — larrylark

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