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Phone sex with a philosopher

HI sexy how are you? My name
is xAnAx. I am 22, single, and lonely.
I am so bored tonite. How about
you? People like me
coz I am slender, 35-32-33 and
not shy. Tell me honey tell me
about you?
i i  I  I
The most dangerous symbol of the
alphabet; a coda suggesting a
consistent and unified sense of self.
A visual nucleus legislating organic
natures. Written as if there might be
equivalence and therefore no
qualitative differences. Ultimately
a figure of speech, an abbreviation
of life, a cheap summation and therefore
a lie.  Lacking plurality. Sometimes reflecting
body or mind or both. a=b=c=I.
sometimes shrinking to a wart,
organ, a secret, cancer or lie.
An instant resume of an inheritance of
traits of which you have no control
over but are held accountable.
Devalued currency. Easily
divided and misrepresented.
What you wish you can be and
what you can never attain.
A stubborn melody. Zip file. Lover.
A side effect of monotheism/democracy.
Mirage or ghost. A therapeutic misnomer.
Myth and polymer.
A fading tattoo.

18 Feb 07

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i love this.
the end.
no questions asked.
especially L32 for some strange reason.
it ties the whole thing together.
 — unknown

Unusual and original
 — PollyReg

 — unknown

nice job. i like the structure of it and i thought it was quite interesting and orginial.
 — lanezfairy

i dig swell job
 — unknown

beautifully worked - though i do think the philosopher would have waffled on a lot longer and slightly more interestingly  :) - though perhaps it would depend on his school of philosophy

great piece though - deserves a 9 - no doubts :)
 — Mongrol

strange but interesting.
 — unknown

 — unknown

This is incredible! I love it!
 — Andiam

what i am is what i am

edie burkell
 — unknown

lol =]
so, is the philosopher actually talking about him/herself?
 — SojT

i hope so
 — unknown

Very clever! Original! Finally - something on this site that is original!
 — unknown

nice piece. all of it, line by line. right up my alley. read this out loud several times. and damn, it kicked.
 — ilenelush

o thank you. sometimes you never know how things will be perceived. this was written in 4 minutes. although the ideas were percolating for far longer.
 — unknown

get in line. your mother's ahead of you.
 — unknown

not a bad premise, but the poem needs work, in my opinion.

The "philosopher's" jargon is pretty boring until maybe line 29, but even then, it doesn't sound much like a philosopher.  You seem to be resting on the idea that philosophers are just extremely intelligent and love to use huge words.  No philosopher that I have read has confused me that much... they truly aren't all that incoherent.  

If you want to poke fun at philosophers, I'd maybe suggest teasing their arguments concerning logic and knowledge, and how they'll always question surface perceptions, seeking deeper truths, etc.  You don't have to use huge words to do that--you just have to read some philosophy.

also, in the first stanza, maybe change it to "hunny"
 — unknown

Why Philosopher, not a High School Teacher?

But I like the gushing flow...
 — unknown

This makes me laugh
 — totalyLost

weird. interesting. differant
 — infinity

this makes me shudder. Devastating truth here. Complex and painstakingly written. Sometimes I do believe we inhabit a ghost culture.
 — banditfemme

I'm amazed she didn't put the phone down
 — larrylark

"Devalued currency. Easily
divided and misrepresented.
What you wish you can be and
what you can never attain.
A stubborn melody. Zip file. Lover."

What wonderful lines to read over and over again.
 — unknown

hmmm.  I  normally don't go in for that sort of thing.

Is there a number I can reach you at?
 — unknown

1800 whackthewillee
 — unknown

hahahahaha. Good.
 — lieskilllies

Rock on.  This is AWESOME!  
 — starr

AutoErotic Philosophy - Solopsistic Pantheism ... where I am the center of the universe and that center is everywhere! I am you and you are me and we are one together! I am the Walrus GOO GOO G'JOOB ... Good Job by the way!

Note: "St. Augustine described the nature of God as a circle whose centre was everywhere, and its circumference nowhere." He did not know about phone sex at the time!
 — AlchemiA

I agree with the unknown who said that this has next-to-nothing to do with philosophy. It should be retitled to "phone sex with someone who likes to spout meaningless jargon".

Philosophy is about ethics, knowledge, the meaning behind things, the purpose of life, and metaphysics. Your poem reads like someone flipped through the dictionary and just poured out random words, and in some parts is simply incoherent. There was no philosophy to be had- I am disappointed.
 — Inuki

someone obviously forgot about the philosophy of language.

"look if inuki doesn't get it how can anyone else?"
 — unknown

i i i i i



 — unknown

where is inuki?
 — unknown

Maybe I'm dense, but shouldn't line 8 be ":"?  It's an interesting poem!
 — poetbill

On second reading, I'm ok with ii II
 — poetbill

simpering, and with a hint of trailer-trash -- this vintage me-too hints of rotted grape. excellent way to ruin a good concord. philosophy is looking at yourself looking, not looking in a macy's window.

the poem trip? -- it's pretty bullshit, but it 's ok as dada and, since dada is always the enemy you're in good hands... this one made by monsanto, a polymer, but not a poly-math -- not mental, just menial and looking at the glitter.
 — joey

better and better.  great packaging.
i like 9, "an abbreviation of life", 16-20, 22-24, 27-28, 30!
better and better.  hard to recognize in the clever costume.
 — gnormal

a "coda", a loop-hole, in this sense... not a symbol, but a drain, down which you can pour a fantasy of being smart and witty and pretend it's frosting on your birthday cake. that's fun and fattening, and you're kind of verball scrawny -- that's why this author to wear all the quotations pinned to the einstein tee-shirt. consistent and unified sense of being, that kind which allows the poem to be conscious from the start, or else so very cosmetic that it looks like a poem because you say so. underneath the table, the book with some name of some guy who wrote against other guys and had a teaching job. better to hang up the phone and go see the philosopher in person and see what a hegel or wittgenstein might have for you. tea and sympathy, and a recommendation that you become a video clerk in an indy video rental shop.
 — joey

I like that this presents itself unpretentiously, but still deals well with the problem it expresses.

I can't find anything to criticize right now.
 — Ossan

I'd like to give you my phone number. You, who ever that is!
hahaha... Love this one.
 — thirdeyris

Holi Jesus!
 — unknown

 — unknown

 — faith

What's your number
 — unknown