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everything is just a trainwreck

so happy, here we are:
pushing the night into
the morning, we're
in love like hell! bouncing off the walls--
you are pulling my hair i am
licking your knees it feels just fine.
wide-eyed, it won't stop
i just can't stop
being happy.
wandering the wet
night streets it seems fine. let's wander
into the morning, good
friend. best friend. good luck,
passing cars with lonely figures.
good luck, god, in giving us
anything more than this now: it all seems fine.
it all seems fine
for you to become naked
and lie down on the sidewalk
and for me to claim you, seeming beautiful.
it seems so fine.
it all seems fine but we're
so fucked up.

22 Feb 07

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Can you add some space to this?  Your words seem too close, especially since you use no CAPITAL LETTERS.

This "feels" like you're buzzed, high on something besides the feeling, my friend.  It's almost like getting a chemical high reading this.  

Are you hallucinating the part about the sidewalk???
 — Isabelle5