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The first bike of my very own
was a beaten Huffy dad brought home
from the local impound auction
of stolen, lost, and unclaimed bikes
in 1963. It cost ten bucks
in a year that did not pay my father much.
The bike was sound—its shine—was not.
The best part was, we went that day
to the hobby shop, to find the color
to renew the bike.
We agreed on 3 ounce spray cans
of Testors Candy Apple Red.
I helped him with the masking.
Our paint job was outstanding.
I've liked apples ever since.
The bike served well for two years till
I left it unattended: stolen—again,
I wonder then who got it next?
I should check with the cops
here to claim my bike.
I'll know it by its color, ruby,
unique in all the world.
I miss the bike yet,
even so,
I miss him
much more.

27 Mar 07

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