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Tired Poet, why do you weep?

Oh, sad scribe, under with you
into the covers, twitching madly and hearing the drum beats.
following this you do cry over, the same phrase
repeating in your head traditionally
to make you cry harder, faster and with gasping.
there is no one in the world who
can hold your hand with such a grip
that he can come closer into you
to someplace unknowable.
sad crying poet, please
repeat the same phrases without stopping
because when they become worn in mine ears
i can solve the --
the subordinates there below our feet
you and i, genius baaaby.
i glance at them
sometimes. they.

29 Mar 07

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Great voice, but you seem to be trying too hard with the flowery language. It's confusing and hard to read; keep the language modern and you'll be fine.

PS: The last four lines of the first stanza are my favorite. :-)
 — BrideInBlack

It seems incomplete and leaves me wondering. I guess the conclusion is left to the imagination.
 — fallentears

love you
 — unknown

very nice.
 — unknown

i think there's maybe caxtus crumbs in between the covers. he may be weeping cause you're the best that's going to write about him.
 — joey

because it's raining on the rock
in a beautiful country
and i'm wishing on a postcard
that you were here with me

apologies to ukw
 — unknown