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when i am sitting
and the sun is blocked
by the gentle sway of a shadow
that lay across me like a thin sliver blanket
and i want that shadow to move
but i do not
because i know
that things are still but always moving
slow and shifting
that that sun will work its way around
that branch to warm me soon
and then
and then i think of something else
a thought that makes things so simple it is silly
like this  
the sun (a miracle perhaps?)
the sun and the moon
they are the same size in our sky!

15 Apr 07

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very very nice nice poem poem
 — varun

thanks varun. i wish it lived up to the moment. but at least it's a reminder.
 — hank

it's my most favourite reminder of subjectivity.
thanks for writing, hank. i wish you'd publish your stuff so i could buy a book.
 — varun