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King Kong's Final Moments

I observed the eagerness to kill
in stunt pilot's eyes.
Black and white slowed to still,
brought focus to horizons behind.
Matador goaded a bull,
bullet loaded mechanical hornets.
You stormed the peak of commerce,
to keep beyond their reach.
In distant backgrounds.
New York State farmers sowed their crops,
rode smoking tractors
beneath a concrete jungle's walls.
One puff of smoke merged into cloud,
evaporates into thin air as you fall.

22 Apr 07

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great title

L2 like the intent in the pretence
 — unknown


 — chuckles

by the by
i'm still waiting for my gift...

http://poetry.t etto.org/forum/read/98387/
 — chuckles

Hi Unknown,

that is why i wrote the poem because after all life is pretend and Hollywood is real. Isn't it?

Larry the timeless explosion of fantasy's dream Shallow
 — larrylark

Key steady chuckles

I sure do hope you fell OK and got up disted yourself down to start all over again.

Larry fallen in the gutter looking at the stars Lark
 — larrylark

I feel like commenting on your poetry is like me plowing through your works as if I own them. I don’t mean to suggest that.

but this is good. what least can i expects?
 — listen

to me (and this doesn't mean i don't like it) the tone is slightly dramatic, and made slightly melodramatic by that last line. that final moment i guess. personally i don't get it, but that isn't your failure as the poet. but i have noticed you captured a moment here, and i like that moment, however dramatic it might be for my sheltered thinking. (though i don't blame my parents.)
 — listen

Dear Listen

When i was small i wanted a pet gorilla but my mummy wouldn't let me have one so my dad got me one instead and that is why i am like the way i am and i blame it all on them for not being consistent with me. OK, I know the gorilla escaped, swam to America and climbed up the Empire State Building shouting "Top O' the world ma." but i guess that's gorillas for you. Lately i have taken to rearing armadillo's and they are particularly popular with my Aunts.

thanks for reading my dear friend

Larry i go ape Lark
 — larrylark