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we ought to be in love

last night i thought (it came to me all heavy
sitting at the tip top of my skull and then sinking
slowly down)that flowers aren't too beautiful,  sucking the sun--
i imagine they are baring some teeth upward at the sky,
wanting something waiting
and with deafening colors to make fools
of whoever picks it.
do you know that i sometimes wonder what's good
at all, whats left
deary? for you to come cuddle me
to snuggle --
we won't laugh in order
to keep invention alive, even those explosive red love moments are not for us--
they are for some brain-want and a brain-relief, oh
jesus for this: "i'm just a bunch of limbs moving" and you stay awake
all night so you can survive tomorrow as a zombie
because you hate living this way,it makes
a sad frown out of me.
except occasionally you are like a lily
put to music: in this context you
are beautiful and i am unafraid.:
i cannot reduce you for
a bone structure toppling downward,
tired for a cheap ride.      a lily now,
and even further: entirely. and i'll tell you something more: you smell so good sometimes. you are too soft and
you are so heavy on my skull, heavier than
how flowers grin

11 May 07

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'one of us all'
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this poem is for a boy.
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all the better ^^
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something very honest about this
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