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Veritable humour

A young and urbane chappie entered a special-cases classroom
where he enquired,
"I should like to learn which universities you may variously recommend."
The baby chimpanzees made motions. Some of them screwed faces.
of all the things we cannot learn
The Young Urbane, still, perplexed.
One week later YU returned to ask again the primates questions.
"Really, I'm keen to choose the most fitting uni for my studies."
Wizened infants issued silence.
we only wish that we could teach--
YU scanned their faces.
"Perhaps I should simplify the conditions of my question.
A postgraduate course isn't planned."
in common sense

15 May 07

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An incidental and accidental reading-aloud

http://tinyurl.com/2nakv6< br />
As you will see, a recitation may offer a result different in local details.
Speaker's personality and his/her mood make or break the reading.
This reading is smug, except for the vital "third person" portion.

The print version offers duplexings impossible to emplace in the recited form.
The recited version offers inflections impossible to duplicate in print form.

I wish both could be alike, but, they never are.

Poetry is frozen speech, most generally. And freezing does not generally
improve things;
certainly the print cannot preserve sonic texture
to guarantee the intended reproduction of sounds
upon the thawing of the thing.
 — netskyIam

I like this but i can't say why, it's weird, that's one positive
ontologically oppressive,
i've just noticed my facial hair is getting thicker
 — unknown