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modulators populous looking

modulators all speak for
effectiveness of these products
a slurry voice may now buy soma
come if in a hurry rush
hydrocodone sweaters

23 May 07

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This looks suspiciously like a spam that got erased today.  As a poem, it does make a good spam.
 — Isabelle5

HAHAHAHAHA!  I can't believe you did this!!!!
 — Isabelle5

I only raised the rating since it was very humorous, considering...
 — Isabelle5

...considering how that spam thread has polluted the message board for so long.
Mama, why don't you 'rase it?   Aren't you a modulator here?  Or is that a
mere friction of the facts?

 — netskyIam

already got a nice "1" to haul down your seven.
the drug pushers, they are maddat me.  so sad.
 — netskyIam