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kid with the broken skateboard

sat next to me
on a downtown bench
and asked
for a dollar.
shouldn't you be
in school?
i asked.
shouldn't you be
at work?
he asked.
he had a green
looked to be about
i gave him
the dollar.
he ran
across the street
to walgreens.
the skateboard
in two-pieces
was next to my foot.
i picked up
one of the pieces
spun a yellow wheel.
grinding the science center
he said
while sitting back down
and stuffing the last of a snickers
in his mouth.
five-bucks says
i'll clear you,
he said
and picked up the other piece
stood in the middle of the sidewalk
and side-armed it
a good sixty-feet.
double or nothing,
he said
after i cleared him
by three car lengths.
i was clawing back
from thirty-dollars down
when a cop turned the corner
and the kid lit-out
through an alley.
how was work?
my wife asked.
usual bull-shit
and sour bedbugs,
i said.
what's that?
she asked.
i don't know,
i said
and spun
a yellow wheel.
it's important

4 Jun 07

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this poem is fantastic. i love the short lines, the story flows and feels real.. great job!
 — humblebee


thanks for reading.

the story is real.

 — unknown

weird, i came upon this poem as random. thought i'd comment and open it up again for others to read
 — humblebee

just love randoms, its like finding gold at rainbows end
 — Rossant

it's funny how everyone assumes this is justin hyde.
could be a poser!

i like 23-60.
sour patch kids- that's what skaters eat other than nachos.

i almost asked a skater yesterday if he ever stops looking at his phone
while he coasts in the middle of the street,
but i was too busy honking the horn.

skaters... those boys will always be around doing tricks in front of 7-eleven
 — mandolyn

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