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show dont tell

the frustrated author
threw his papers off
the desk, tossed
pens in the air and
ordered her to
stand on his altar
and remove all clothes
whenever he realized
no intricate verse
could do justice
to conveying the
twisted sensations
she arose in him.

22 Jun 07

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who is broken joke?
 — unknown

tell dont show
 — unknown

sometimes a picture leaves a 1000 people wordless.
 — unknown

She be me.
 — BrokenJoke

ah the mystery continues.
 — unknown

why are you weeping. who broke your heart? mor?

yes you have no obligation to answer but work is soo boring at this time.
 — unknown

I'm weeping because "you" broke my heart. Jeez louize. So, Unknownymous, too afraid to show your face?
 — BrokenJoke

why show my face when we broke up over  the rest of what is attached to it
 — unknown

Aw, it's such a shame we broke up. It'd probably hurt more if I was aware that we were ever together. But nonetheless...

Unknownymous it remained,
even after I prodded it for it's name.
Simply because it was too afraid to break again.
How sad for it to live like this, too bad for it,
now i'll listen as it continues to talk shit.

 — BrokenJoke

haha come back all your cheating is forgiven
 — unknown

Cheating? Now, now, you will have everyone thinking i'm some two-bit whore...

It made me a harlot, how dare it!
Label me a cheater, what a liar, how rude.
I will not return to its ignorant face,
but rather find some other anti-unknown dude.
 — BrokenJoke