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there is no tempering
nor appeasing
pleasing is a constant gravy
train to a dog
on checkered plates
scarves strangle and
scars build
there you now! you
face this and face you
there is nothing in the world
worth less

4 Jul 07

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hehe, now you're just fucking with me. *grin*
 — ka

nice poem.
 — varun

This is really well constructed. Subtle work by a craftsman.

Larry daft craft Lark
 — larrylark

thanks larry, coming from anyone other than you, that might be a compliment. (i was going in the other direction with this response, till i got to that last word) cheers.
 — hank

damn, wish i had read  it before the moderator go to i (i find myself leaving letter off thse days)
 — hank

Hi Hank

If you have been trying to contact me via e-mail i am pretty hopeless at all that stuff and the only bits i know is how to guide myself here through force of repetition. I am hoping to rectify this state of affairs this week now my computer whizz son has finally agreed to give me a few tips and is also setting up a site for me to display my art work. So I will keep you posted via commenting on your work.

Fond regards

from Larry old man Lark
 — larrylark