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an opposable thumb
may have helped
the ability to jump
between the doghouse
and the catbird seat
has singlehandedly
saved man

14 Jul 07

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i thought this bunch of words that i just typed related.
 — hank


whaddaya think of men, rather than man?

great poem!
 — chuckles

don't really think of men much there chuckles.
 — hank

too obvious, i guess
an aside -- would you consider emailing me
i checked out some of your sculpture and really liked one of them
 — chuckles

Was butt on purpose?  Not sure what a catbird seat is so this doesn't make much sense to me.  
 — Isabelle5

yes. i'm sure you could find out easily enough isabelle.
 — hank

Why don't you just tell me (us)?
 — Isabelle5

I like every word except "singlehandedly." There has to be a better, more ironic?, word.
 — erato

'singlehandedly' is one of the appendage references within the poem of which there are four but there could be five.
 — hank

i'm dying for more commentary from hank.  throw me a bone from a hidden appendage.
 — unknown

thumb, butt, thigh, seat (butt again), hand. 'man' is also.
 — hank

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 — unknown