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what i'd like to say to everyone i've ever known less one

i am sad
but only when i think
about it
not living my life with you

21 Jul 07

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not bad, for being so short. to me it feels like the beginning of a lengthier poem, though. consider maybe, one day, taking it further? or not, as it's not bad like this.
 — unknown

and it is because
only in the chill
of a winter night that
one feels alone and
that one needs warmth
that one feels the need
for something
or someone
to be
there and say
some words that might
not mean much but
can mean the universe
is why there is
beauty in all eyes i see
all words i hear and speak
and all colours which
make the world
what it is
 — unknown

its the freckles isn't it .
 — unknown