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things we do when we are empty

There's a sickness here inside of me
and I know he can't fix it.
But I am a lioness prowling,
insatiable, inconsolable,
My red lips will spin
quixotic desperation
as he clings to me in the sheets.
a clever fox
with clever claws
will etch a litany of remorse
into his back, red calligraphy
for him to ponder in the mirror
when I am gone.

21 Jul 07

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wonderful, i love the imagery. 8+9 are genius for the poem, the mood.

love it.
 — unknown

1-3 already lost me. be more unexpected. even though it's hard.
 — hank

very seductive.. 4 and 13-19 were my favorite sections. Beautiful
 — nomuzzle781

Madre de Dios - this is heady stuff - wonderful work. The title is brilliant. L18 is brilliant 'ponder' just about describes man's dilema.
 — dia

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