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Senile Pop Momma

It's never been easy,
but now you don't know who I am,
It's like we've both been released.
"Is that you Elvis?"
"That's all right Momma."
Good of you to come Frank,
all the way from New York."
"It's one hell of a town."
"Pass me my dressing gown Buddy."
"That'll be the day."
And so it goes on.
We've reached 531
in the all time hit parade,
between your shallow breathing.
It's now 1962 and still the Beatles
have to pass on through.
"How'd ya get here Ringo?"
"In a submarine painted yellow,
along with this fine mellow fellow,
who isn't your son."

27 Jul 07

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love it
 — unknown

Its really cute but I feel it could flow a little better
 — Stellaella

Hi Unknown

thanks for loving it.

Larry love love love Lark
 — larrylark

I will try to maintain cute and get more flow.

 — larrylark

nah, i think the flow is grand.

 — unknown

Hi Listen,

I will go with your flow

Larrry water up hill lark
 — larrylark