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"this town works like clockwork"
twenty four hours later
proved him right

2 Aug 07

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hank poem, nice
 — unknown

thanks. am i becoming catagorized? 'this one is stupid and simplistic-let's file that under 'hank poem''?
not that it matters. i'd be flattered to cause someone to open a new folder with my name on it.
 — hank

 — unknown

i want to add to this, but just dont know how.
 — hank

what made it prove him right?
 — yellowbird

i mean other than the obvious 24 hours/day/clockwork thing. what about the town? bring some other detail in. a tiny one.. something bigger would ruin it.
 — yellowbird

I agree with yellow bird- what about the town?
 — thirdeyris

where's your penis?
 — unknown

the town? the town's still the same.
 — unknown

nice and doesn't it (apparantly)!
 — stout

nice little epigram or graffiti on the walls of poem-paii.
 — joey

what penis?
 — thirdeyris

 — pluto