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The oldest always-on incandescent light

" At this time of record
it is near to midnight
The pupil of an eye dilates
as does a camera iris to
present a haloed glow
in the night for upturned eyes
to see in form the shape I see "
recalls Woman in her moon

4 Aug 07

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Here "she" is, always on since 1901, 106 years and counting.
Every day, a new life record

http://www.centenn ialbulb.org/cam.htm
(live picture)

In the daytime you see her filament.
In the night you see her orb, her womanly shape, all in glow.

The women who made this lamp
 — netskyIam

The Shelby light forever gleams.
I would buy one, sight unseen.
But I don't think forever light
was meant for man's imperfect sight.
 — erato

we lay down to best look up

 — netskyIam

Lad you want to turn everything into a poem. I doff my hat to you.

The analogy of L3 &4 is a turning moment, i think it's flat here (what have i missed?) because of over usage. Personally i'd rather see it another way, something more expansive, maybe like

The pupil of an eye dilates
as does our imagination to

            ;          &nbs p;          &nb sp;          &n bsp;     and maybe not:). I just think thta in a poem this short you need to do better than the camera connectioin.
Cheers Reido
 — unknown

and oops to the typos
 — unknown

Yeah, I wonder what causes those formatting glitches?
Time may change this tiny thing.   I guess the idea of a 106 year-burning bulb caught my mental crotch.
The poem is more nearly-properly formatted here, where there can be a clickable link:
http://poet s.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12298
It's because of the (integral to the viewing) "bulb-cam", that I've got a camera iris there.
Much obliged for your insight.  Time to simmer dimmer here.
 — netskyIam