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Time only for waiting

The dogs had all expired now,
found them too late; one stinking pincher
under the bed, already days gone;
house flies in pairs around the rot-mouth
shot out from under the mattress
when a man almost pressed his old body
at the sheets, aiming for one more dead day
ne'er to account for,
with convictions he will ever only
imply in his mind, never with words:
hoping to receive from God 'imself
one last glimpse at whatever sustenance
his life used to afford him:
his late wife who puffed up all lumpy
decades before she went;
didn't cry at her funeral, only stood
beside the fat fir tree and thought it her
beside him as she had for twenty years, with such breadth
he could not even look at her, not even then,
as she was lowered into the ground such a heavy woman.
He wished for her to resent again,
someone to make small things of,
when he told her, i will kill myself
crack my neck. Nobody to say that to
nobody to drag the dog out
from under the bed.

6 Aug 07

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"rot-mouth", excellent word!
I liked the imagery, the fat fir tree was good.
I would suggest:
L1: "the dogs expired"
L4: "houseflies"?
L9, don't get the significance of "ever" in there
L10, why a colon?
L14: would you remove "all"  just "puffed up lumpy"

I was confused at the semi-colon (L15) at first, wanting to read straight through but then I realized it didn't make sense: "she" didn't cry at "her" funeral.  
I get "sustenance" now.

nice work,
 — jenakajoffer