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Her WowWee™ Animatronic Elvis

Silicone or latex—hope
the makeup isn't toxic lead
when she takes her lover's best
half, a bust in bed. The Elvis sings
to her tonight, it wawls, a Memphis cat
for much, and more to lack.

12 Aug 07

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http://www.yo utube.com/watch?v=harJC_nvQmg
only $299 plus cartage
 — netskyIam

refined 07 Sept. 07
 — netskyIam

does this kind of thing work for you in bars and truck stops? do you bring a toothbrush along, or is it just us that has to do the blow job? you might be saying, "blow-me, fuckers", but you seem old enough to blow yourself.
 — joey

removed all reference to truck stops and bars and toothbrushes and blow jobs and fuckers.  
removed all but reference to self gratification as a means of self survival.
 — netskyIam

humm, i'd been thinking that the trucks and bars and blows and brushes were in fact the self-survival. i sort of think that the ethical is a little too oblique in this for me, that i can't see the structure of howl and wawl is gratifying enough to keep this one up for very long. maybe it's' the strangeness of the rhymes, which seem to be a mocking, yet there doesn't seem to be anything to mock -- that self-survival thing, perhaps being the strength of it. but, i'm pretty unjudgemental about people's trips, and i didn't mind the carnival feeling, only the bland and bald assertion that the surface of the plastic world was fake. it's sort of all we know.
 — joey

Thanks joey.
I've put it up at FreeWrights, under The Broiler.

Guest Posting is turned on at the moment.
The poem can be critted there by anybody.
 — netskyIam