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my lizard shed its skin
many times before i when
shedding skin must
remember the new side
remember the new side
live there it is hard i know though i
know enough to know
to live where you shed
to live when you shed
to be while you're shed
think about anything shedding
june bug snake cicada pupa oh pupa
very vulnerable
must remember envision the new other side

23 Sep 07

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interesting choice of syntax, implicatives and structure makes it so hard to follow that i love it.
 — MattPat

mattpat. thanks. mat, pat. boy girl. boy boy. pat a mat or mat a pat. if someone is patting could you throw a matt over them? like putting out a fire?
interesting choice of name. will now click on you.
 — hank

well mattpat, i got through three of your poems, maybe four and all i can say is ugh.
 — hank

yes ... a shedding in the structure of the poem, and we the reader are drying our wings for flight... nice!
 — AlchemiA

dull and repetitive.
13 and 14 are more where its at...but it is mostly annoying.
 — DeformedLion

nice poem, hank.
 — varun