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Daisy Duck

When Daisy was a ballerina
all the Donalds hollered
for her tutu to up-end;
they quacked to see her
satin again.

11 Oct 07

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delightful. i am in love with it. may i give you an 11 ?
 — raskolniikov

Hmmm... in this case, less is not more.
I'm not getting this at all.  Perhaps someone can explain it to me?
  >>throw me a bone here<<
 — aforbing

girl duck (daisy) and boy ducks (donalds) in water (disney references)
girl duck tucks her head into the water, bum in the air, showing off her tail feathers (tutu)
the boys quack to see her satin (tail feathers) again
 — unknown

they quacked
to see her
quack again

 — unknown

So true!
 — poetbill

semi-related, only insofar as the dance is about the most suggestive
ever seen in film history, Part 7, 5:15, here:
ht tp://freewrights.freeforums.org/viewtopic.php?t=211

Now, Daisy Duck did not dance quite like that.
But all the Donalds wish that she did.
It was for the sight of down that they did not frown.

The thing is cartoonish, then all coarse (because males are coarse)
until the final two words.
 — netskyIam

up-end.  Not sure what to think.  Why are there a lot of Donalds and only one Daisy?  
 — Isabelle5

Because she's the star.
 — netskyIam

revizzed on 01/July/08 with new title, from "Daisy Duck"
and the addition of "her" to L5.   Poifect now.  Quack ackaacka ack.
 — netskyIam