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bless the women

bless the women who show the men how to mend and love again

25 Oct 07

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bless all women, and then fuck them beautifully.
i give you an eleven for this treasure of a poem.
 — raskolniikov

worthy of sticking to a car bumper
 — unknown

car bumper, can you make one please?
 — unknown

if only your message board posts showed this brevity and sensitivity - short, insightful, and very good.
 — unknown

nice one, reid.

break it in two after men?
 — varun

For some reason I really like this.

I am impressed by how it reads as well, you use 'men' 3 times in one line...I like how it doesn't even feel repetetive.

is the opposite true?
 — DeformedLion

darned if you all aren't seers, getting all the nuances that I did not consciously put into the line.

It was formed intuitively.  
Banditfemme was the particular muse, and is, and always will be that

to all of us.
 — netskyIam

"break it in two after men?
— varun "

Thanks varun (thank you all)

I considered that---but no, see, I see it as a simple, spoken, single line.
All together now, that sort of thing; why break? So that's why not.
Thanks for such thoughts.  All are a help.  
 — netskyIam

A beauty, nutsky. Well done. I also agree with first and *especially* the third 'unknown'. :)
 — unknown

oh Reid,

very nice.
 — jenakajoffer

indeed. rare is the woman who loves, rather than seeking to be loved.
 — unknown

rare is the woman who loves without an agenda
 — unknown

^I've yet to meet one, or a man. I know! I shall become a person of Love!
 — unknown

It is time for you to apologize for all the damage you have done here at PC and promise to stop abusing the message board once and for all.
However ill & twisted your thought processes have become, you need to stand up and take responsibility for your appalling behavior now, Reid.
Until you are human being enough to do that and stop your spamming, I shall give everything of yours a 1.

 — unknown

^The poetry nazi's have arrived. He can do what he wants. Worry about yourself.
 — unknown

i would love it if 'mend' was 'darn'. thanks, holey sock is my new efemmeral name.
 — unknown